The post apocalyptic scenery of Doel

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Some pictures from a short visit to Doel, a post apocalyptic small town in the heart of Europe, where the hungry for expansion port of Antwerp is trying for decades to vanish it from the map.

For almost 700 years Doel stood near Antwerp along the Scheldt river in Belgium but as Antwerp expanded in the 20th century, its port needed more space, and Doel quickly became a target.

Residents kind of forced out, but not without resistant and protests from the 1970s through the 1990s.

In 2007, a campaign group called Doel 2020 set into motion a plan to ensure Doel’s survival. Meanwhile the town has been transformed into a post-apocalyptic paradise for artists.

Today the small amount of inhabitants left, are trying to bring Doel back in life especially after the Supreme Court in Belgium, early this year (2017), ended the planned expansion of the Port of Antwerp and the fight for survival continues. Despite the Court’s decision, the plan for expansion of the Port remains and the story goes on…

PS In case you were wondering what is this big white chimney that is visible from the village, it’s the nuclear plant of Doel. Yeap.



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